All the Ears

And here they are.  I’m out of flax now, except for a bit reserved for tweaking, i.e. repairing holes left by inserts and anomalies caused by shrinkage.  They dried much, much faster than the initial one at Ragdale, so I’ve pretty much spent the past week just building them; the molds were in constant circulation.  There are 10, out of just under 3 pounds of flax. Next, tweaking, then dyeing and coating. And then?  Who knows: I’ve got prepped kozo and milkweed (and very stinky, awful abaca I may just atypically toss out rather than try to salvage), but I am (also atypically) feeling at a bit of a loss, at least today.

I’m still having a rather difficult residency. But, like the first week’s illness and the election, that’s not caused by the residency itself: VSC is an absolutely wonderful place to be; it’s dedicated to us. I’ve been dealing with outside things, some requiring painful soul-searching and decision-making, in which none of the options were entirely satisfactory, as well as sad news of an untimely, sudden passing.  I’ve been steadily working nonetheless, but during such situations it can be a bit isolating to be surrounded by brand-new acquaintances in very different (Hey! There’s another party tonight!) moods. I’m so grateful for the internet and its instant connection to those I love and trust.

I never get tired of watching this river. Busy, swift but peaceful, ignoring us.

Today I considered leaving 3 or 4 days early, and beating the holiday traffic home (the residency officially ends the day after Thanksgiving, so that’s tempting and prudent) but I also know that once I got home I’d regret not using this time and space, so: it’s time to get in touch with folks along the road, make definite plans, and then get back to work. (Hmmm..milkweed and kozo, kozo and milkweed…)

 Frost makes me think of my waiting kozo harvest at home.

(Oh, I’m changing the blog: first-time comments will now be held for my clearance. I don’t think this will affect people who’ve been commenting all along, but if you post one and it doesn’t immediately appear, that’s why. Don’t worry!)


3 thoughts on “All the Ears

  1. oh the work shines and is, i know, leading to something rather amazing. stinky pulps, in my experience, become amazing paper (mostly). sounds like you are needing some soul rest.

  2. Part of me thought about bailing after Toronto, but I’m glad I didn’t. Even with not seeing you in Montreal, those extra days gave me some badly needed perspective, and now that I’ve been back for two weeks (already?), I realize I could have used more.

    Ears look great, and you’ll be glad you stuck around too.

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