Gifts and Outcomes


This is what I ended up with from my kozo tree, a gift from the Morgan 3 years ago. I can tell by the volume that I’ve got over a pound; how much over, I don’t know, unless I dry all of it and weigh it, which may not happen; I am eager to use it.


Next comes the finicky process of removing only the dark red bark, leaving the green, because I am odd like that and love the green bark, though it is difficult to retain after cooking and dries to a strangely tinted hue of neither green nor brown. That will begin on Monday when Bro heads back home; Sunday is our big non-holiday Holiday Dinner. (By popular vote, I am cooking a giant pot of kickass but healthy chipotle adobo chili; did the shopping for that yesterday).


These are a new gift, two lovely small moulds and deckles that had been donated to Evanston Print years ago.  Many thanks to Eileen and Vanessa! That brings me up to 10 same-size teaching moulds and deckles, and a smaller-than-what-I-already-have one, which I’ll make a permanent deckle box for.


Eco dye!  I brought this faded and discolored old fine linen handkerchief to Velma from our yart-sale remains. I thought she’d like to transform it with the eco-magic she performs regularly.  Instead, she had me create a bundle, tied up with onion skins (red and yellow), late dandelions, pieces of tin can lid and other plants, added in two strips of Arches cover as well, and packed them all into a jar filled with vinegar and water.


The Arches paper; its patterns seem more crisp, but that’s due to the fact that the linen is finely woven, translucent and gauze-like, which makes the patterns appear less distinct.  After an e-mail from Velma, advising that the short-fibered cotton paper might deteriorate, I removed the top strip on Monday.  I’d forgotten that the bottom strip was wrapped up inside the linen, but it was fine when I unwrapped it yesterday. Intriguing!  There may possibly be more bundles in my sunny window in future.

Today’s gifts are a trip to Ragdale, to briefly attend the holiday party and check out the weathered ear to see if I will repair or replace it, and say hi to two friends in residence, and then off to ZIA for the (3.5 hour!) opening reception; can’t wait to see Anne’s installation of the work!  Who knows what the outcome from those two gifts will be?

craig ricci front 2

3 thoughts on “Gifts and Outcomes

  1. phew! i am so glad that the paper held together! my experience is that handmade paper (mine has no sizing) is quite different. so glad they’re interesting and that you may try again. looks like the longer soak made a darker dye/print.

  2. such wonderful gifts!! i always thought getting rid of only the outer bark was much easier b/c it tends to flake off. it just sticks everywhere. i think we are all eager for you to use it!

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