Into Quietly


ZIA is currently at Aqua Art Miami with Anne Hughes and John Vlahakis.

Ahh. Now, I’m tying up the ends of 2012: paperwork for some summer classes, writing a few final reports and recommendations, and beginning some web site updates (after one entire day doing Absolutely Nothing. Nothing! I wasn’t sick, I read, drank lots of tea, kept the hearing aids off and stayed away from the computer. It was bliss).

I’ve decided to initiate an idea that began to insert itself into my consciousness last July: I’m thinking I’ll try to stay home for six months. If I do travel, I’d like it to be for personal pleasure and enrichment (such as a couple of get-togethers with artist friends that are currently under discussion). Of course, if some too-tempting opportunity pops up, I reserve the right to change the parameters, but I am now, officially, not pursuing anything within that time frame (even as I begin to schedule previous 2013 commitments). It feels right, right now, and freeing.