Moving Towards Light


This is how I chose to spend part of the day before yet another alleged end of the world (and also a much-touted, named winter storm which only appeared in Chicago as wind and a light dusting of snow); apparently it was important to me to go out with an entire harvest of cleaned kozo.  I also hung some of the ears in a temporary spot, where I can contemplate them before the next few are altered and installed, at least one (but hopefully three) sometime soon, after the holidays.


A few ripples from Miami are beginning to reach my inbox, some bringing odd but interesting possibilities, things I have never even considered. (And a nice, if surface-y online response). Much more importantly, officially declaring a six-month hiatus from Scrambling After Things is already proving to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: peace has come creeping in, and is spreading its warmth and light, all magnified on this sunny winter solstice day.  I wish you all the most wonderful holiday season you can imagine!


 Chicago’s Solstice sky.

2 thoughts on “Moving Towards Light

  1. LOVE that the mushrooms were a hit in Miami; thought of them when in NYC at a Korean bakery that had tiny pastries w/similar red/white spotted mushroom confections on top. the orderly array of bark is so pleasing! but most of all, RAY HOO (quietly, but with feeling^^) for peace!

  2. i love that you have given yourself a six month sabbatical.and as a result are experiencing deeper everything. the solstice always hits me hard, this year is no exception, and the little bit of light deserves more than i can muster tonight. but it will turn, return, and i will settle again.

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