Happy Merry Peace and Warmth



Final backyard kozo tally: 1 pound, 1.5 ounces / 496 grams.

I do love the holiday lull, the quietened inbox that happily brings good wishes from friends, and also the company of nearby friends and friends who are temporarily in town.  I spent the weekend with two lovely folks in the studio, reminding me a bit of a pre-holiday baking session, but with fiber and the beautiful bronze beater instead of cookies and an oven: very nice. I wish for many more such days.


Festive (and huge) flax bubbles.


Apparently I still feel a seasonal need to scrape bark: cleaned dogbane in progress.

Paul and I jumbled communications, he referring to Christmas as the attending celebration, and me as December 25th. I just discovered today that we’re home tomorrow; not at the family gathering which will take place on Friday.  That’s an unexpected gift: no horrendous holiday traffic and a day to do whatever we please.  So, we ran out and got festive but stress-free food fixings, and it’ll be a warm, relaxed day tomorrow: cooking things up in the kitchen and in the studio. And we still have the family to look forward to as well. That’s merry!


I wish you all the words in today’s blog title, whatever and however you celebrate! (And I wish some of you were here to share this lovely peaceful brand of merriment.)

2 thoughts on “Happy Merry Peace and Warmth

  1. i don’t know which photo i like best, the last one, so cozy, or those big flax bubbles…all beautiful. happy days to you, too.

  2. They’re all great pictures! 😉 A quiet day for me as well, and now a bit of scrambling as I unpack and begin to setting in to the house-sit. Four glorious months of peace, quiet, and isolated creativity can’t start fast enough.

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