Yammering Seagulls (out with the old)


My favorite spot-view from the upstairs studio for snow-watching… 

A small amount of snow came to Chicago. Winter!  And today, some lovely sun as well, though it’s making the snow leave. Our family holiday changed again and took place on Wednesday, not Friday, and it was lovely. There has been (as always) Too Much To Eat.  For instance, college friend (and potter) Michelle might have sent some preserved Citron all the way from Columbia (SC).


…and the detail of the back porch tortured but beloved evergreen and little grey house bird sanctuary.

In between festivities, I’ve been working away at cleaning dogbane in small increments. I never did harvest any this past fall; the stems I’m stripping are left over from what I collected way back in February. Resting all that time seems to make the (dry) bark removal a tad easier. I’m fascinated with this native fiber. Next fall, I’ll try an adaptation of Lillian Bell’s processing method, but for now, I plan to usher in 2013 with a batch of winter dogbane and a couple of other fibers. I’m beginning a period of simply, freely experimenting, with no expectations or end goals: just me, the studios and all that they have to offer. (And Paul has volunteered to cook our dinner!)

I am so looking forward to 2013. 2012 was absolutely excellent and exciting in many ways, but just a tad too eventful. Or, I’m glad I did everything (but medically-related stuff), but wish it had all been more evenly paced. Looking back, one thing I haven’t written much about is that my second Saturn return ended this year, finally: now I supposedly am able to become a crone, an elder.


Something else I haven’t written much about: back in the spring, I let go of something that I had been enmeshed in for over two years. Letting go was my decision alone; it was pointed out that I had the right (and reasons) to continue on, but the unmitigated negativity the situation exposed me to and its dulling drag on my energy* made me want to free myself. Doing so quickly proved to be an excellent choice. However, a specious online article was published within days of my decision. I’ve struggled, off and on, with a desire to address that article ‘for the record’ since I became aware of it.  It was / is intentionally deceptive, of course: a personal narrative (likely published as a favor) rather than a remotely accurate report, and a prime example of the rancorous energy I dealt with for far too long; something like it was to be expected. So, other than finally acknowledging that yes, I am aware of the article (so please: don’t send any more links!), I choose to continue to rise above it, and to trust that people (at least anyone I would want to interact with) are perceptive enough to form their own opinions.


One stem’s worth of fiber and an accurate self-portrait.

And that is that: old, sad business out! I continue to look forward in so many ways: the immidiate future begins in the studio with the new year, in a spirit of unbridled experimentation, of – yes, I’ll say it – play. Which seems to me to be the ideal path to take towards acquiring the wisdom of elder-hood.


*today’s blog title is a phrase I was repeatedly -and literally!- accused of writing during that situation; time to finally do so.