To 2013



Dogbane with pulp painting / silkscreen demo on denim (yes, photo is me, ‘ 90s)

You didn’t think I’d head into the new year without an odd search engine terms roundup, did you?  Actually, this year, though there were more searches and more terms than ever, they were largely spot-on: people came looking for me; for artist and writer friends and for places, shows, classes and events I’ve mentioned; for tools, machinery, fibers and techniques; and there were an unprecedented number of searches for specific artworks (a pleasingly wide range of titles, too).  There were less odd searches than ever before, so I’ve only chosen a mere 21. My biggest blogging surprise of 2012 came when WP added ‘views by country’ to our stats on February 25; people from 72 different countries have checked in since: wondrous!

  • Balbo Vacuum
  • drive through liquor lottery yes
  • whi does my audiologist tell me its worlds best hearing
  • should I cut my kozo fiber is using beets
  • why does my FEOT vibrate
  • related: bark press oldoftware
  • my foot beater
  • Law regalia, excelsior eureka voith valley
  • ‘bound with onions’
  • Lupe Lupe Lupe Dog
  • picture rolled diplomats
  • art benzedrine inhaler hooray
  • nemesis wrestling women
  • time travel in eye
  • i need quotes jay
  • insect artist
  • call me back virgin
  • translucent car mould
  • braces ‘one short leg’ girl
  • always new think logo

.…aaaand, my 2012 favourite:

  • Art Using Buckets

I’m off to use my buckets to empty the bronze beater of a fine wee batch of 9 hour abaca. Thank you each so much for visiting.  I wish us all a happy, healthy, rewarding and utterly creative 2013! Hmmm…let’s call it the Year Of Major Breakthroughs, yes?