Domestic restructuring #1

I expanded the first group of home projects, or rather, decided to work within the natural order: as shelves and cabinets were moved to the places they were slated for,  I took the extra time to deal with the newly freed spaces as well.  One of those was my upstairs studio / bindery, which was also still unsettled from sorting through and jettisoning stuff into the yard sale before I left for fall residencies. I’ll finish up there today (and I really like it).  This weekend, I can go back to working in both studios!


This photo shows why I couldn’t work in the paper studio and on the house at the same time: sawdust and paper don’t mix, at least not in ways that I want or need for my work. But my studio was the only convenient space to set up power tools, so amending that situation was my first priority.


After Paul and Pat did some re-wiring, patched the old outer walls, insulated, built new interior walls and tiled the floor a few years ago, this laundry / furnace room quickly filled to the point where there was only a pathway (past the laundry machines and into my studio) through the jumble of stuff haphazardly stored in it. Now I’m able to set the tools up in here for the next projects without compromising the studio, and clean up in the freed utility sink as opposed to my studio sink.  All it will need is a couple of tarps tossed over appliances and storage.


While this makes a boring blog, the surprise is how enormously satisfying it all is, much more than I had anticipated. I’m ultimately always an installation artist, and the state of my surroundings affects me, perhaps too much.  The place has been in chaotic upheaval for most of the past year as we sorted, gathered and eliminated stuff.  Now I’m re-settling us in, optimizing the ways we move through and use our space. With every bit that’s completed, I feel myself standing taller, flexing, re-adjusting my bones, literally with room to breathe.


That’s in concert with the very best thing I did: after almost a year of this area being used as a sorting/ temporary storage space, I now have a dedicated place to stretch and do physical therapy in once again (where waiting ear-fungi accompany me for awhile). I’m using it daily and it feels so, so, so good.

4 thoughts on “Domestic restructuring #1

  1. omg, that laundry space looks AMAZING. it’s like you’re ready to take those pictures for real estate people!! i can only imagine how deeply satisfying it all is, and the space to do PT/stretching: you saved the best for last. very, very exciting. and yet another reminder to breathe! SO glad you have the space to do so now.

  2. you have accomplished so much, and i can hear your pleasure. i am really happy you’re doing p.t. and have it accessible for daily work. very good. (i have saw envy… don’t tell me you also have a drill press?)

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