Good transitions.


Friday I finished working on the upstairs studio, yesterday, though feeling a bit dodgy, I cleared the sawdust from the paper studio, and today I begin studio time in both spaces, hooray!  I have plans for some of my harvested kozo, based on the early January experiments.  A happy discovery is that working on the house doesn’t impede thinking about artwork while I’m at it; my plans took shape then.


I’ve been up to ZIA twice in the past 9 days, once to document Anne Hughes’ excellent installation of my work just before the show came down (photos here), and Friday evening I attended the opening reception of the current show of wonderfully engaging works by Kathy Weaver and Michael Cutlip.


One of many nice things about being affiliated with ZIA is that all the gallery artists always have work on display salon-style in the two back rooms, which are always open to viewers. I was in the gallery for 30 minutes before I noticed copies of (S)Edition up near the office ceiling (which I like very much). Anne reconfigures the entire place before each show; I’m not sure when (or if!) she sleeps during installation weeks. And now: to the studios!