Deadlines for you and me

I took an extra day in the studio to deliberately use up all prepared pulp, in order to force myself to focus on the writing I’m doing now, and had to clear the studio to transform it into a painting station for the next house projects.  I felt sad and a little anxious, and had to keep reminding myself that I was only clearing up for a week or so, not a semester.


Here’s what emptying the paper studio did for the bindery.

But today’s quick blog is to let you know about two important dates: February 11th is the deadline for the Penland summer class lottery, and February 15th is the deadline for Penland summer scholarships. I am so looking forward to being there this summer: just to be in the wonderful Penland environment again and in the mountains, but also because 2 1/2 weeks is just the optimum amount of time for this class. Ample time to try techniques, experiment, develop projects and collaborations!

So apply, apply, apply, please!  I’ll go do pretty much the same thing.

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