I slogged through the first half of the text-based projects, but words were not only not flowing, I struggled mightily to maintain even a trickle.  Yesterday, I gave up, put the writing on a back burner and began the first part of the second batch of house projects: building a closet in a small, oddly-shaped nook that we carved out around the chimney when we did all the building upstairs. It will house things we need to keep on hand that are currently taking up space inconveniently in numerous locations; I’m calling it a linen closet.  The first task was to sand down the joint compound, something I dislike doing immensely, particularly when the sanding screen is attached to a cumbersome shop vac to minimize dust, and I need to become a contortionist to reach the corners.  After a comical, dust-mask-wearing, sweaty day, that bit is done (and it feels good). For the next few days I’ll try writing in between applying coats of paint, and hope that satisfying physical work will somehow release the word-flow.