April showers


Ample April rains are here; several consecutive grey days of them. The first dry day will be garden time. Good things are evolving as a result of the last two blogs, but nothing to write about quite yet. I vacillated and then decided to go for an improbable possibility; if it happens, it will fill much of my only free month from May to December.  Paul said he’s really liked having me home for a long stretch, as opposed to constantly zipping in-and-out. I’ve liked it, too, and think it’s a pattern I’ll try to perpetuate: six months moving about, six months home, and I’ll try not to over-schedule at any time (really). Right now, I’m working quietly and privately, vacillating again about taking a second long shot, and realizing that my truncated six months at home has suddenly evolved into a bit less than six weeks.

Congratulations to the Morgan on their new web site: class registration is now open online! SO many excellent classes – and I’ve expanded mine: three days of three D.