Fiber and Fanfare


Cecile’s plant magic: hosta, left, agave, right

I’m working away, but not ready to talk about / show what’s happening. We finally had a gorgeous dry day on Sunday, and I happily cleared the front gardens while doing the first outdoor cook of the season: a bit of my own kozo!


It’s always a good day when friends come by to work in the studio, especially when the lovely Cecile Webster is here. She brings her plant magic, and I get to see it happen.  This time it was winter-retted hosta and just the thickest, toughest bits culled from a big batch of agave; beautiful. Here’s a detail: strong and textured.


This quick blog is also being posted to shout out another huge “Congratulations!” to Aimee Lee: her excellent book Hanji Unfurled was shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer First Horizons prize! Kudos!


Some April hyacinth fanfare, from my garden to Aimee!