after little adjustments


I’ve been working away in both studios on a few projects. One of them had been quite troublesome, entirely due to my own over-thinking, something I happily but  exasperatedly discovered when I finally just gave up and dove in. The solution was far simpler than I had anticipated.   All those years and years of advising, of urging so many people into to action / experimentation to overcome that very mind-trap: how is it possible that I sometimes still fall into it myself?


There was also a bit of an odd battle simply trying to make myself be in the studio this week, something else I should have remembered from the faculty years (particularly with undergrads) during spring semesters. Things are blooming, budding, the air is fresh and soft, and I wanted to be out in it, aspirations and even the seductiveness of what I am making be damned. Today, I’m reminding myself how very fortunate I am to be where I am: I can (and did) make time for both.


If there are any dangers in ‘the isolation of the studio’ these are two, and decidedly mild. I’m looking forward to the contrast of two weeks working in shared studios at Haystack; it’s something I really wanted to try, and not a situation I’ve experienced much at all beyond two or three people at once (except as a teacher: very different). I’m going to value observing as well as making, exchanging, engaging.  Right now, I’m grateful for today’s lovely diffused light, and what’s happening in the studios: the dance, the color, the plot twist.


New this year (or never noticed before), this appears on sunny afternoons on our east wall, for the brief time before our house’s shadow reaches our neighbor’s.  So far, I can’t find the reflective source, but I sure do like the image: