Other Work


Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you’re not interested in aging, or if you don’t want to think about that yet.


 In the late afternoon, the Mystery Reflection moves up the wall, and consolidates into one sphere.

The work of the next few weeks: finishing things up and getting ready for leaving, as well as putting final touches to the fall / winter schedule, though I am still awaiting word on a couple of key aspects of that. I didn’t get as much done during my six months as I would have liked on house projects, but hey: old-home-owning is an ongoing process. I am quite pleased with the art / work I did (some of which still falls under ‘finishing things up’) and a few of the experiments: discoveries made.


It might be coming from this little metal vent on the neighbor’s roof. But I can’t see how.

There has been considerable Other Work done during this six months that I haven’t written much about, involving my personal physical plant; old-body-ownership is definitely another process.  A couple of months ago, I became a vegan, in order to address several ongoing problems. I’m happy to say that it’s working on them all; I feel absolutely great (worth the considerable learning curve: I had to work at eating enough!).

I also worked through a course of physical therapy to solve a problem that had been keeping me from doing the ‘regular’ p/t exercises, the ones that I need to do for the knees for the rest of my life. During the past three months, I’ve finally been able to resume that work of training my muscles to shift bones.

Body work is definitely work. In my case, it’s an all-too-literal daily grinding, popping, pulling and, yes: sharp pain and later, ache. Much worse, however, is the certain loss of mobility (and even greater pain and ache) without it, far scarier to me than deafness ever was.


Paul and friend Pat put this whirlpool in for me years ago; I finally finished the trim this past winter, and added art.  It’s an absolute luxury that truly, truly helps after the p/t; I will miss this while on the road!

The most important work was learning to incorporate it all into daily life, to make this work happen in concert with the art, admin, and all the rest.  It’s been successful, here at home. What I have yet to learn is how to maintain and sustain that mix while on the road, and especially while teaching, during which I tend to jettison everything else. So, that learning will be a vital part of the summer’s Other Work.

But now, after a fit of heat then cold, we are back to a mild lovely spring, and today and tomorrow, the work is: gardens.

3 thoughts on “Other Work

  1. Smith, it’s one of the reasons I want youse to visit. Also, there are 2 Smith corrosions to look at while one soaks. It’s…bliss.

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