Mostly quiet, all good.


Truth in the garden…

I’ve had a fine few days in the back gardens; lovely, mild weather. Losing myself out there is a satisfying ritual. Each year, as what I’ve planted becomes more and more self-perpetuating, there’s a little less to do, but always enough to keep me happy (except for the fact that I may very well have actually killed my kozo: a difficult feat, I’m told).  A friend I hadn’t seen in a long time took some of this year’s thinning off my hands to begin her new yard, the third Chicago garden started entirely out of mine (which also makes me quietly happy). I still have seed-planting to do, and small bits in the front and side beds, but today I’m glad for some soft rain, both for the plants and to get my head and heart back into the studio for the six months’ wrap-up. The spring garden is a tough competitor for my attention!


These volunteer chives are quite tasty, and this is the spot where they have decided to thrive each year. I see no reason to argue with them.

Tomorrow evening, this excellent show, juried / curated by Riva Lehrer and a part of the Bodies of Work Festival, opens here in town at Woman Made Gallery. I’m mighty pleased to be included.


This week’s alley find: urban antlers (of extruded plastic, like the Adirondack chair).