The lull before the road


Somewhere in the sea of arriving mortarboards is our new engineer, with a nice job waiting for him, too.

The past week has been a time of mostly non-art activity, save for a whole lot of e-mail and one (mostly) pleasant exhibition opening. There’s been family time, and being very proud at our nephew’s graduation, time with friends, and too much time within health care system red tape. Getting my hearing checked and hearing aids tweaked before I return to a public summer is essential, but even though I’m never not going to be deaf, that still requires a referral from primary care, which in turn led to the barrage of yearly tests that come with being Of A Certain Age With Health Coverage: I hadn’t had them for about three years, which earned me a few exasperatedly polite lectures. Three years seems reasonable to me so I complied with almost all, even though I feel fine (and even though I’m fully aware that if I were unable to produce the magic card, no one would care. I have an uninsured friend in her 70s who has never had a single one of these tests, ever.) Just one more remains, and on Monday I can finally visit the audiologist for the thing I needed in the first place.


It was very hard to hear in the gallery; but that’s one of the things the show is about.

I will be on the road in one week. Now is prep time, checking off the list of tasks and making the list of things to be packed, all of which seems much more extensive after a long home stay. I’m actually having some mixed emotions, and a disinclination towards blogging / facebooking / web site updates or really, working at any public presence.(Hopefully, that will change next week.) I’ve liked being home, very much; I’ve enjoyed deliberately slowing down, and I have utterly valued this time of turning my full attention to Life rather than Career for once.  That is an outlook I definitely want to maintain during my travels, my time teaching, and from now on. I hope I’m ready; I’m very glad to be beginning with a residency, where I can use part of my time to form good holistic habits to carry with me through the summer.


I do know that I’ll be very glad for one of the things awaiting me: new, open ocean views.

One thought on “The lull before the road

  1. i always think that particular disinclination is a good thing, harking back to the old days where it was enough to be working hard and joyfully, fulfilled. so glad you gave yourself this time, made it real, and savored it fully!

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