Processing is a process



…and it is in progress. Currently it consists of building several blog-page things at once, shifting through notes and harvesting so very many photos. I began a couple of days ago during a nice storm, and have continued when I’ve been indoors, not in the studio and not answering e-mail.  That hasn’t been a lot; I’m enjoying being home. We’ve had beautiful, mild weather and I put in three solid and a few partial days in the garden; that’s relaxing to me, and it’s looking lush.  In the evenings, it’s been studio processing, moving through things I brought back and putting them in place for the next classes, and laying out the work to be done before I leave.  We’ve got almost a week of rain ahead, and that should be conducive to more indoor work while the garden works on itself. Mostly, I’m just stopping by today to say hello, and have a good weekend.




One thought on “Processing is a process

  1. i’m in a dry garden, a real hortus siccus here in salida. but it’s lovely to see green in the midwest…in no time it will be my own green. your garden pictures are enticing.

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