Penland, first week…

a view

Ahhh…Penland Saturday. I’m sitting in a rocking chair up on the Northlight building porch, enjoying a gentle, soft, water-scented breeze, watching the interplay of rain-loaded grey and empty white clouds slowly drifting over the mountains, with an occasional brief  appearance of wan sunlight.  I’m thinking lazily about a walk later if it doesn’t rain, or maybe a nap, or, ideally, both.


The demo-heavy, fast-paced first week, with its evening slideshows, gatherings and other events, is over. I have been blessed with (another!) enthusiastically creative group of ten women, who now have the luxury of a little over 12 days to devote to developing work (with three demos by request thrown in next week: making a plaster press mold, some sewings useful for both book and sculpture, and Ideas For Using The Penland Bamboo Patch), and lots of individual consultations. Oh, and we’ll make corn husk paper, too.PPie

We finished up the week with a carpooled field trip into Spruce Pine yesterday afternoon to visit some of the local thrift stores, which ended up being hilariously funny, and included some wonderfully awful wardrobe and apartment enhancement for some folks, and a lot of trying on of (and spontaneous performing in) some, um, very unique what-were-they-thinking styled garments, not to mention the acquisition of our own studio deity (below).


There are a lot of Very Good Things happening in the studio: we are all learning and having a great deal of fun while we do it.  This is, indeed, the epitome of the only type of education I want to be involved in, forever. The hands in equal fusion with the mind, laced with laughter and free exchange.

One night, a young woman in the class wept from sheer joy; she’s found the way to make what she’s envisioned for years.  Can teaching get any better than that? I was moved, entirely.

a garden

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exo studies

These are Exo Studies, made while I was home and now living at ZIA Gallery.

I did end up processing things while I was home, in fact very many things, just not the things I planned to concentrate on. There were a large number of physical things processed in one manner or another and there was significant non-corporeal shift as well.  What I absolutely could not bring myself to do was: sit still indoors and write or build web pages.  Those promised blogs and pages are all still in bits-and-pieces limbo and will just have to happen when they happen. But for the moment, I am at Penland, where there are now three beaters!  And the outdoor workspace is newly roofed-over. The class filled except for one space awhile ago and it all begins tomorrow: I’ll see if I can keep up the blog in (relative) real-time.  It seems that more and more in summer, or maybe in just in my life, all blogging bets are off.