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exo studies

These are Exo Studies, made while I was home and now living at ZIA Gallery.

I did end up processing things while I was home, in fact very many things, just not the things I planned to concentrate on. There were a large number of physical things processed in one manner or another and there was significant non-corporeal shift as well.  What I absolutely could not bring myself to do was: sit still indoors and write or build web pages.  Those promised blogs and pages are all still in bits-and-pieces limbo and will just have to happen when they happen. But for the moment, I am at Penland, where there are now three beaters!  And the outdoor workspace is newly roofed-over. The class filled except for one space awhile ago and it all begins tomorrow: I’ll see if I can keep up the blog in (relative) real-time.  It seems that more and more in summer, or maybe in just in my life, all blogging bets are off.

2 thoughts on “Fickle blogger

  1. welcome to penland, yay!!! have been thinking of you a LOT but giving you space (velma will tell you the burden has shifted to her, of me leaning hard). so excited for your students.

  2. hey, penland. YAY about the beaters, though i’m in beater heaven right now! aimee is SUCH a pita…NOT AT ALL. lots of melissa and aimee talk here–you’re loved here at he morgan.

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