Gearing Down to Accelerate


A harvest begins.

It’s been a GREAT week at home: lots and lots done but all at a very sane, enjoyable pace.  The only fly in the ointment has been (and actually still is) technology.  Our entire system was rewired yesterday, and we’ve had 3 different SSIDs in four days; now I need to make the also-new new printer-scanner switch to the upgrades as well.  That proved frustrating, so it can jolly well wait till I return for a longer period.


Summer studio! This is also where the scroll saw work was done, on an ancient but perfectly serviceable wee machine that Paul picked up at a local garage sale.

The majority of my time has been spent much, much more pleasurably making phase two ear-fungi, trying out new structural enhancement possibilities. I was experimenting with options, and all of them worked beautifully (and two came from the garden). I did some work nailing down and fleshing out details for fall events (here’s one I’m very happy about), and decided to take on One Thing Too Many, which will make for the kind of time-crowding I swore to avoid this year. But it’s just one week in October, and the idea is irresistible.


 A good haul of stems, yes?

There also was a bit of a watershed, a coming together of ideas that began with rich conversations at Haystack. I worked in the gardens a lot. They have never been better, more enjoyable, or more productive.  This week was the optimum time for a fine harvest of tall lily stems. I decided to use use their fiber for the irresistible thing I took on, and with that decision, I realized: the garden is not a separate, singular activity nor a guilty pleasure. Now that it’s established, it’s providing harvests at several times during the summer and fall. Maintaining it and harvesting the results is part of my work now. That’s a sweet realization.


Waiting to move indoors in the evening, after the pack walks.

So is the stretching and body awareness the garden work provides; the sciatica’s not gone, but it is much improved.  Today, after cooking up the stems, I have a day of total lazy indulgence planned with a friend. Tomorrow is packing and then off to Cleveland for a week (and a full class), better than restored and rested. Those things, yes, but with something more: a contented, calm excitement, something I had forgotten was possible.  It is, and I am there; I really am back.



2 thoughts on “Gearing Down to Accelerate

  1. ray hoo for all of the good changes and easing into (both mind and body) this good new life. i find it impossible, nearly, to avoid the overscheduling. can’t wait to see you here soon!

  2. i love these photos of your yard/garden and even more your realization of how integral it is to your life and work. i wonder what those lily stalks will become. remember where we picked milkweed last fall? in that same spot i acquired three ticks this spring.

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