Laboring and Not


“Home for a month” isn’t that in its peaceful entirety this time around: there is much to do in September.  It’s more of a nice flying studio visit. I found myself in a curious internal struggle through the holiday weekend that initially wouldn’t let me let go and relax, which was all my body seemed to want to do.  So, though I made myself work, I did make sure it was pleasant work that involved moving and stretching. The weather was perfect, adding a bit of calming balm, till finally the work itself became relaxing. I cleared the gardens, staking up overgrown plants (those I plan to harvest, restricting ones I want to reseed to the area I want that to happen in, or simply keeping pathways open for a partner with wonky eyesight) and of course weeding. I beat some fiber, unpacked and moved back in, taking time to set up the studios with new things I want to think about for Ragdale and beyond. That’s essential to the life / work process I’m continually rediscovering and honing: visually capturing my own attention. That’s breathing in (home).

alight A gift from the wonderful Susan Kelly at the Morgan, this beautiful indigo-dyed scarf of translucent, ethereal Big Ass paper catches the light and wafts gently in the soft, open-window September air, below an early harvest of seasonal book beginnings.


I did also get some web work done, getting the (I believe, sane) fall schedule up, here and in the sidebar. And more towards a self-commitment. Each September I’m more grateful to be my own taskmaster now; that’s breathing out. I salute everyone who is beginning a school year in whatever capacity you inhabit (and I breathe this soft September air in again, deeply).


Fresh considerations from Haystack, Seastone Papers, Penland and the Morgan mix with things always worth remembering.


A beautiful thought from Margaret Mahan and Drew Mattot that arrived just as the summer began.

2 thoughts on “Laboring and Not

  1. easier to breathe in the cooler air, and always amazing to see how the great rush back to school affects even those who are not inside. lots of rich harvests to come, and great to see those already gathered during your full summers!

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