Opposite of DePressed

I didn’t do much of what I had planned for the last few days, but that bothers me not one whit: with huge thanks to the marvelous Tom Balbo, I’ve been blessed with press.


Thursday, I removed cabinets and wall hooks and cleared space.


Friday, Tom arrived with the press; he and Paul wrestled it into the basement, with much inspired tilting and twisting around corners and under ductwork, at one point balancing the whole thing on a single wheel.  I scurried around moving lever boards and getting things out of their way. 


I won’t get to use it till I return home for the winter, probably.  Paul had built these lovely platens awhile ago for something that didn’t work out.  With just a little width added and a wee bit of beefing up, they’ll work nicely.  We’ll add a water collection device leading to the sink or floor drain. When Paul’s shop re-opens in a couple of weeks, he’ll do the build; when I get home at the end of November, we’ll install it. This, in combination with some experiments begun at Haystack, promises an exciting, intriguing winter in residence. I’m looking forward to that!


Tom will take the guillotine at some point in the future; I cleared it so we could strategize after he’d seen the space.  It unbolts from the stand but we might need to further disassemble it.  (Four very hefty mover guys carried it in, all straining mightily). I returned it to its role as guillotine / storage unit (which it does well).


Meanwhile: big congrats (and thanks for the mention) to Aimee Lee for this long-overdue recognition!

Yesterday, after reconfiguring the studio, I headed to ZIA for the evening, and a had a fine time, meeting, enjoying work by and talking with Fumiko (who knows Aimee) and Tim, and of course Anne and all the ZIA folks. And I met a nice person who’d just purchased some of my work: sweet evening.

Tomorrow: a birthday of workplay in the refreshed studio (also sweet).


New homes for the fridge, the additive / chemical / adhesive / pigment cabinet and the little press. I’m amazed that it all actually fit as well (and as easily) as it did.

2 thoughts on “Opposite of DePressed

  1. SO excited about the press! looks like it was made just for that ceiling height.^^ and thanks for the shout-out, but MORE thanks for being such an exceptional teacher! fumiko was as happy as you about meeting but as sad as you for not having more time to talk! i’ll congratulate tom when he gets back, on getting one piece of equipment out of the morgan to a good home.

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