In the Zone


Very tight but functional dual-fiber sheet making station; flax and daylily stem.

Not much to report: I’m still in production mode till I leave for Kalamazoo. Work will continue after I return from the north, when the components for this single installation will be finished simultaneously.  The first shape is cast, has fully dried (it took two days, so I’ve commandeered two more fans for the rest) and has taught me what I need, and has also made me very happy: my compulsive planning and the drawings were well worth the time they took. The second one is well underway. There’s a two-fiber sheet-making session preceding each casting (on a single, reconfigurable armature), so the studio has multiple compact stations set up for each ongoing process. While the drying takes place I’m working on two other projects, harvesting seeds for next year’s garden (and for eating!), somewhat patiently cutting through red tape, and much more. There’s been some good e-mail talk in the background daily, gearing up, and a Really Nice Guy who did the grocery shopping for us yesterday, and a Really Good Dog who coaxes me out of the studio to walk with her each day.  And that’s all there is: an exciting zone for me, boring for you to read about. So instead, read this sweet piece about the wonderful Alicia Bailey!


 Casting and drying areas; there’s really just a not-too-wide pathway down the center of the studio.


It seems a bit silly to be using the wee press in front of Big Red, who works as a shelf right now.


Hello from the garden.  I love cleome; they’ll bloom till the frost comes.

2 thoughts on “In the Zone

  1. can’t wait to see the new work, but enjoyed how wonderful your papermill looks, clean and neat and full of, i know, the intoxicating scent of pulp. and that cleome…

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