from Kalamazoo


It’s been a wonderful time here: great facility and people to match, and I was blessed with a hostess who made me feel more than comfortable, in fact one of those rare times when you instantly feel that you’ve known a person for ages: rapport.  Early in the morning, I’m off back home for a packed whirlwind week, so for now I will leave you with this, a mural / poem that greeted me at the back of the Park Trades Center, home of the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center and several other studios (hot glass, perhaps for jars like these, being made right next door). I loved this: technical appreciation as a former painter / sign painter, and for the poem, especially now, when I’m thinking of upcoming harvests. And tonight we had the last of some multicolored local tomatoes at dinner, each hue a different taste. Looking forward to views of the burgeoning fall foliage on the way home.  Goodnight!




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