It’s that time


This was (a bit of) the show in Kalamazoo, before the doors opened, while labels went up.


The next day, we held class in the gallery, which I liked,


and also in the paper studio.  I documented the KBAC for a MakerCentric post, along with Haystack and Seastone Papers, but none will appear online before December. A LOT of winter web work ahead!

But now it’s that crazyoverbooked time: in the next nine days, I am doing four small-ish outdoor installations in two locations, and talks in each, and a lot of driving.  The lovely flyer for the second:

Fall Salon + Art Walk FLYER FINAL-page-001

It feels a little frantic, until I remember that whatever pressure I am feeling, I largely chose, and that the few rakes in the face I’ve experienced are benign, definitely not the deliberate maliciousness of the past; and I take a breath.


A break to harvest yesterday helped; that’s breathing.  Seasons no longer seem ruled by date, but by temperature, and in that context, it’s earlier than usual, but there was no way to know that till I got there. It was fun searching through the still-dense big bluestem, towering way over my head. Some wee beastie comes along in the fall and gnaws at the bases of one milkweed species, topples them, and then abandons the stalk for papermakers. So it was a treasure hunt, spotting one stalk, wading in, then finding five more concealed on the ground nearby. There are at least three varieties of milkweed where I harvest; all provide nice bast.  By request, I leave the seedpods behind.


Fall colors are just beginning to reach us, as yet nowhere near what they were further north in Michigan. That means that in a wee bit over two weeks, they will begin to peak during my residency, and I will be able to breathe them in every day. Who could ask for more?