Learning In Public

Though I can’t at the moment remember where, I recently read an article that defines an artist as “someone who learns in public.” I laughed out loud. Love that: am always living it, especially this crazy week.

Before heading to St. Louis on Wednesday, I had some fun with these:




On location at the Pulitzer Museum on Thursday, I discovered that the trees  these were made for were much narrower than I had thought.  I had been sent measurements, and photos, and made the pieces to fit the average. Nope.  They were way too wide, which immediately affected placement, and required massive adjustments; I worked all day.

Krysten Watson, a fantastic young woman, assisted me in the morning. Not only was she an excellent second set of eyes, I tasked her with marking the spot from which a word might be discerned. She came up with this bit of absolute perfection:


Later I added a hint.


As you may have noticed, I’m currently stuck with with an old camera which is not functioning well, and could not give me an overview shot.  Here are the individual pieces in sequence:





Soon, I’ll report back on the great wee bits of the conference that I attended.  After the (fun) panel yesterday morning, I drove home to work on tomorrow: more outdoor works.  This afternoon, folks in St. Louis will be bussed around town to look at shows; this is a scheduled stop.  Late last night texts came in:


Truly embracing today’s blog title with this work!

3 thoughts on “Learning In Public

  1. love EVERYTHING you shared here! i was just telling new people yesterday about your tree interventions and how they could experience them right here in town.

  2. love: tree interventions. what a good name! i learn in public all the time, it’s called being (back) in a school setting (instead of alternative ed). there’s an administrator who had that word tattooed (in pica or elite) in her wrist, a tiny reminder of so much! i like lichens doing that work!

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