Four days of holiday-related activity are finished: Wednesday’s great menu-planning, shopping and cooking marathon, our own celebration on Thursday, the family gathering on Friday, ZIA’s lovely annual group show opening last night.  Today officially begins what I now call my annual sabbatical. There’s lots to be done, mind you: an entire year’s worth of artwork to add and and reorganization to be done on the web site, catch-up blogs, lots of paperwork for 2014 events, decisions to be made (will I take on a local February event? do a little personal travel? apply for anything? go ahead and transition to a new computer? etc.), artwork to be finished and begun, new fibers to be tested, choosing which  of the ongoing, never-ending house projects to address, and so on: but it’s all my time, my scheduling, my prioritizing.  Today, I begin in the gardens, harvesting, cleaning up, distributing seeds for 2014…I love this freedom.

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