Belated wishes


I hope you’ve all had warm and happy holidays, and that they continue on through the new year. Today Paul is out  at the family get-together 50 miles away, but I am at home.  I’ve been battling a nasty and tenacious sinus and respiratory bug for six days now, and don’t want to infect anyone. We’ve had a good, if necessarily subdued time in spite of that. I even managed to make us two full holiday dinners (one vegan, one not) and some ugly but tasty pies. Hopefully it’ll abate soon, and I’ll get back to doing and blogging. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Belated wishes

  1. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, I’ve been horking and honking as well and unfortunately had to avoid seeing mother in law who I love b/c didn’t want to infect assisted living folks…and I just put the mince pie in the oven. Your pies look like they’re howling. Happy holidays and feel better.

  2. feel better soooooon!! LOVE the pie pic. thinking of you and sending lots of hugs and baby love to get you warm and back to full health.

  3. Man, there’s a lot of that nasty stuff going around: my cold transformed into conjunctivitis and reinfected my sinuses. Still have the cough after two months, although it didn’t cramp my computer-free Christmas in the mountains. 😉

    And this afternoon, I started the Athol Brose for Hogmanay: will raise a wee glass or three in the direction of Chicago….

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