Hello, 2014!

I started to do my annual odd search engine terms roundup, but guess what?  There weren’t any really great weird ones this year.  They were quite specific: for me, for individual works, for residencies and/or places I’ve taught, papermaking equipment or techniques, friends, people I’ve mentioned and book arts references.  Though I do like the oddities, 2013 says some rather good things about the folks who drop in: thank you!


2013 was a really good year, I think because of my decision to spend more time at home, and the high quality of the 12 places I did travel to. I hope to be revisiting some of them here on the blog this winter,  and on MakerCentric. I have some great hopes for 2014, my most intentionally quiet year yet, and I’ve put some good effort into making some of those hopes manifest, beginning quite soon.


We’ll have a quiet, warm New Year’s Eve at home, as Chicago gets blanketed with fresh snow (I’m still not quite out from under this lengthy cold / sinus / respiratory thing). I’ll be wishing you all a happy, healthy, productive and above all peacefully balanced 2014!