Weather or not


Don’t be fooled by the lovely sun; it’s currently 15 below, and Chicago is basically closed. I’m providing extra heat (and aroma) by roasting a butternut squash to use in a big pot of chili. We’re having a winter again, after being spoiled by two mild ones. Because of snow and cold, our extra winter holiday with a dear friend, scheduled to begin January 2nd and end today, was wisely postponed – until April! I’m finally feeling better again, and fine with it all.


18 inch deep garage-roof wind sculpture

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, though I do usually name a new year with a theme, something I’d like to grow into. I just looked back, and during this season last year, I dubbed 2013 the year of breakthroughs and unlearning. Looking back, that is exactly what happened: a continuous series of smaller realizations during six months at home plus important conversations and experiences during my travels, all contributed to and culminated into some solid, freeing revelations at Ragdale: a breakthrough. I began to act on that in December. I’m calling 2014 productive balance. Friday, I begin a ‘project’ along those lines that might seem insignificant to some but is big for me.


See you then, with photos. Now, back to the kitchen.  The house smells wonderful, and we’re warm and happy. I hope you are, too.

2 thoughts on “Weather or not

  1. in this winter that IS winter your voice sounds strong and so positive. i’m afraid the weather got to me. i will take your lead, though, and remember the winter love i have and will stop this whimpering! thank you melissa, you reminded me.

  2. so inspired by your 2013 and i know 2014 will be just as rich! the nourishment roasting in the oven and simmering on the stove (and in your head and heart and hands) sounds divine. stay warm, and indoors! xo

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