I’ll see you again…

Maintaining balance is not a question of achieving a static condition, but rather the ability to make constant adjustments whether you are negotiating small tremors or a huge tidal wave. Just now, I begin to learn to navigate without the person who was my rudder for over 36 years.

Bro - Version 2

The Bro left us the morning of January 8. He slipped away peacefully at the home of another old friend (in fact, the person I met him through). Bro was one of the most singular personalities – with the most contagious laugh –  ever to bless this planet.


‘Old friend / dear friend’ is what I’ve called him here, because there are no words in the conventional social lexicon to describe our relationship. We were not related by blood or DNA, but truly, he was my family: officially even my ‘next of kin’ and ‘contact in case of emergency’ person for many, many years, someone I could literally trust with my life. I could go on (and on ) but for now I’ll leave it at that.

Bro 5

Bro Frank is fine, at peace, I know, because that is how he lived. When we grieve, it’s for ourselves, we mourn all that we will miss. I’ll need to step away while I continue through the early stages.

BroMe - Version 2After my MFA graduation ceremony in 1990; Bro had my family ticket for both degrees. 

(In a totally unrelated turn of events, my ‘project’ that was to begin today has been delayed at best till after January 31; at worst, it will need to begun over. That’s probably just as well).