two interesting webthings

Polar vortexes mean more time on the (new!) computer than is absolutely necessary, though: I did actually kick out all the shock-delayed work commitments that had backed up during January, and even found two things I’d like to share.


The first is a lovely look at the wonderful Jim Croft – and the video is captioned! Jim’s one of my favorite people on the planet; his partner Melody seems wonderful as well.  If I ever did make a bucket list, attending one of their Old Ways sessions in Idaho would be on it.


This article from Penland’s blog seems to go hand in hand, or rather to begin to make a bridge between the old ways and the new planet. And this polar vortex session is finished; we’re above zero today. Though a long-range forecast says we’re due for another in a week or so: then, maybe, I’ll make myself get back on here and get to work on all those web site updates hanging over my head.


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