February always is

With a pup it is constant; three steps ahead, two back, a slip sideways, a step ahead regained.  Chance learns more about “come” and learns “sit” in mere minutes, but backslides a bit on the daytime house-training, so we increase the outdoor visits accordingly.  Lupe has finally gotten him to begin learning dog-play language, something he missed out on by being quarantined, and it’s much fun to watch.  I’m so, so glad I scheduled this time at home for this phase, but am beginning to really miss the studio, too.


In Devil Puppy mode.

However, quite a bit of related work is being done: yesterday I worked with a magazine editor, a museum curator, talked with prospective students, friends, a gallery director and a writer, received a teaching offer, and found that this nice article had recently been published, and also something I didn’t know: I am one of the featured artists in ZIA gallery’s wonderfully-named next show (To Summon Spring), and I began the web site work (so far behind it’s ridiculous).  All of which I can do on my lap while intermittently teaching and monitoring Chance, who, because he is so smart, can periodically transform into Devil Puppy. He even got above himself enough to challenge Lupe by trying to steal her Sacred Evening Biscuit. (Bad move, he quickly learned, or I fervently hope he learned).  Still, it’s February and even though we are rather busy, and outdoors with Chance almost hourly, and almost daily for snow shoveling and short pack-walks and Lupe’s adult-only walks, there’s no escaping that creeping, cabin-feverish, enough-of-winter-already feeling.

Unless you are heading to Australia. Or, if I lived closer, I’d go straight to this opening tomorrow evening.  Huge congrats to Velma and Aimee!


The road to spring…

2 thoughts on “February always is

  1. thank you thank you! love all of what you say in that article, SO MUCH the part about it being your job, not practice, and about how hard it is to juggle all of those things that so many people think that artists don’t do. you are excellent at the artist job. and the puppy training one!

  2. thank you for your kind send-off. it’s just a few days away and i’m getting very excited! i haven’t read your article, but am on my way over. hugs to devil pup and lupe, the patient one.

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