Two fourteen fourteen


It’s warm enough again for pack walks (it’s the kind of winter when 20F feels warm); we start with all four of us, do our block and an adjoining one, then Paul and Chance go in and I take Lupe for another round of a few more alley blocks. Those late winter dirty grey piles of snow have always been able to get to me, but if I begin to ‘feel too February’, all I have to do is look back at other ugly piles from five years ago to be thankful for how much more genuine life is now.  Who knew blogging would prove to be so useful?



The mail brought this: I’m pleased to have had an image of a page spread from Manifest, O illustrate an article by Anneli Rufus in the current issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.  The author discusses the ways that reading fiction can increase our empathic qualities in our everyday lives.  When I was asked for permission for the image to be used (one of those things that gravitated into my inbox) I was not familiar with the magazine and didn’t know what the article would cover, but I did like its title.  As a lifelong fiction addict it was gratifying to have my work extended in context with ideas I agree with and can support (and to have the check that accompanied the two copies help support me as well; thanks to Art Director Sandra Salamony). In a few weeks, there will also be an online slideshow of all the artists’ works used in this issue.


The mail also brought this sweet wee bit of dyed kozo from a Connecticut postmark, with no note.  I’m calling it a valentine, since it arrived today. Whoever you are, mystery mailer, thank you!


Playwithme playwithme playwithme!

I laugh when I read more recent past blogs, about thinking this would be a quiet year.  Chance is now full-tilt into his hellion phase, and had a two-hour yowling tantrum in his crate last night; even with pack walks and playing in the yard and daily training sessions and a lot of fetch and tug of war, he spends time each day just tearing around the house at top speed, sometimes having his back legs overtake his front. He’s hilarious, and Paul, Lupe and I are laughing but really, really tired.

(In spite of it all, I’ve finally gotten the peskiest essay / statement finished for an important new page for the web site; tomorrow is lots of running around town rather than publishing, but that was a breakthrough!)

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