Magnus’ Opus


Snow and stored spring seeds, to summon:


Another day, another winter storm…I rescheduled a not-very-important doctor’s appointment and some other errands, so as not to have to drive to the burbs in it: luxury. I’m very, very glad I spent an entire day delivering work to ZIA for this weekend’s so-aptly-named show opening and running other higher-importance errands on Saturday. Now I can afford to spend a snug snow day with Paul, Lupe and Chance-pup, who had an important breakthrough over the weekend: no more bed-time crate tantrums! (Well, at least not till dawn, when he thinks we should all rise and play). He’s still – and will continue to be – deliciously puppy-rowdy, but we are learning his language bit by bit, and he is learning ours.

I can’t stop posting pup pictures: getting big, tiring out Lupe:


But to today’s main story: I don’t miss much at all about my long-ago kollidge position, nor many of the (very) few long-time colleagues who survived to remain when I departed, but Jenny Magnus is one person I truly do miss working with, and seeing regularly.  She is absolutely brilliant as a teacher and as a tremendously multifaceted artist and I am thrilled that she is finally, as this wonderful article says, getting some of her due. If you’re not near enough to attend any of the performances, you can get yourself a bit of Jenny’s brilliance here; I just ordered my copy. I’m calling this book the captioned version, and fondly remembering a stellar spontaneous solo performance in the men’s washroom when Jenny was a guest in my Visual Environments class.  I know that just reading the words can’t possibly deliver all that she is and does, but it’s going to be a great and tasty deep dark slice. Kudos and congrats, Ms. Magnus!

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