Heating up, in some ways


We had another three inches of snow last night (sigh), adding to the three and four foot drifts that have been intact for months but will – I say, will – melt someday soon. But though the weather doesn’t acknowledge the calendar, spring things are heating up here: via the gravity principle, I did take on an eighth exhibition, a relatively local, fast-upcoming one that asked for a group of older works, so this week I need to dig those out, whip them into shape and devise hangers, while also undergoing a large packing and shipping effort for the first of the further-away shows. I’m still nailing down details about some upcoming others, but got a large early-summer one clarified, which will require borrowing back work, and designing, costing out and building more shipping containers (fortunately, with financial input). None of it is, as yet, studio.


I can’t wait for the weather to catch up and provide a backyard thaw, so I can let the dogs out to play for longer portions of the day. They do play well together, though Lupe understandably likes to stay out alone for awhile each day.


Chance began puppy school, or rather orientation and a brief session, last night. I liked my introduction to the training club; it’s been around since the 1940s and many of its members show their dogs in AKC obedience and other classes; definitely dog people. Chance seemed to be the only non-purebred there, and probably the only shelter pup (it felt a bit like we’d crashed Westminster) but no one seemed to mind. I’m glad, because it will provide a high level of training, and that’s what I want.  If he does well on through his obedience levels, I am dreaming of giving him a lifetime job: becoming my helpmate with hearing dog training. But for now, I’m pleased with him for quickly acclimating to the borrowed, tent-like travel crate, and for doing fairly well in a new, stimulating and confusing environment, surrounded by about 50 other dogs and lots more people all moving around, talking and/or barking.


I sure would like to borrow those ears.

4 thoughts on “Heating up, in some ways

    • Thanks; Paul came along with me for the first one and sneakily snitched my phone to shoot us. The best thing about this school: the only ones whining were dogs ^^.

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