Seeding, Proceeding

I built and we installed a trellis just in time. The clematis is growing amazingly fast, about four inches per day. It will easily top its new eight feet this summer and spill over, but now it won’t be blocking our path, it will be hanging down looking gloriously abundant.


It was a busy but easily paced week with friends visiting (Chance barked and barked at everyone, but chilled eventually), a garden plant-removal session (now I can begin this year’s changes), a lovely gift of cooked, unbeaten water hyacinth roots, more double-show (plus a bout of unexpected) gallery-related admin, health care visit (routine, all fine, and a bonus: I’m getting more time with a physical therapist by request), three days of no-car (repairs and new tires), daily dog training, a lot of other stuff, and finally: web site updates finished. (Even with software crashes and one odd, relatively unimportant glitch I could not resolve.) There’s more to add, but contingent things.

So, here is this web page and that web page and some new-on-the-site books.

Here’s some info about an upcoming show; it looks interesting.  In Cleveland at the Morganites show, there was an event that taught me a new word. Many thanks to the poet who shared what he wrote about one of my pieces with me, the result of his “immersing myself into my feelings about what it would be like to BE the piece.” – also thought-provoking.


Today I spent on yard admin, fencing still more (Chance eats things I want). It is truly spring, and waves of the scent of neighborhood lilacs swell and recede, the first movement of background music to the growing season.


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