Off the Radar

…that’s where I’ve been. We’ve been dealing with some stress-producing, un-blog-able stuff here at home and that may continue, but hopefully not. We are consciously trying to keep the stress levels at minimum, either way. Things that did happen:


In the less-than-two weeks I’ve ignored the internet, the clematis has already grown almost to the top of the eight-foot trellis!


Chance graduated from pup class with some good scores: 19 of 20 points on one test and 98 of 100 on the other. The points that he missed were social ones: he still is threatened by many other dogs and by most humans not in his pack. We’re keeping up the daily training sessions, and ever-longer walks to expose him to more unexpected situations. I’ve never been around quite such a fearful dog and am at a bit of a loss, looking for help, going by instinct in the meantime. With us, he’s a sweetie. The training club does not hold classes again till fall, but there are six weeks of open, all-level, outdoor sessions we’ll attend, and we’ll bring Lupe too. She’ll like being included, and she may also have a positive influence on Chance.


Out in the world: here’s an image from the Mesa Museum exhibition, Boundless, and they also posted an album on their Facebook site. Looks like an interesting show. Crate-building materials (way more than I need, below, but there will be uses for the excess) have been delivered and / or ordered for me to pick up for one of the Denver shows, and invitations are in the mail for the other, and the U of C show has been extended for a month and may morph into a second exhibit as well (both of which can easily be done; I have not shown the altered books body of work for a long, long time). We also talked about adding possible second class at WSW, to address the waiting list. Unfortunately, that can’t happen this year due to schedule conflicts, but there were some fine future ideas tossed out, things I had already been thinking about anyways. Excellent.


The triwall board – ten sheets instead of the four I need – is 4 x 8 feet, so you can see how much bubble wrap that is! Nice to know I won’t run out.

Most of this US holiday weekend will be for chilling / de-stressing, probably a lot of it in the gardens; it’s needed.

3 thoughts on “Off the Radar

  1. sending lots of hugs. growth amazes me! i love that graduation pic, and that bubble wrap looks like what we got this winter, barely able to shove it through the door. can’t wait to see you this summer, and thinking of you a LOT here at penland.

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