I’m enough of a geek that sometimes, designing and building  something like a (necessarily) fancy shipping container can actually be fun, and a good odd use of the book arts skills – but…


…not so much when it’s so huge that it doesn’t fit in your studio. It took me DAYS longer than I anticipated…but that was also working around a whole huge lot of sudden unexpected tasks.

I’ve been busybusybusy getting ready for the next three shows while dealing with our situation and its possible consequences; however, that is not my story to tell.


So glad we got this trellis up when we did!

2014 is resolutely refusing to be about achieving a fuller balance, but rather, it seems to want to be about trying to maintain what balance is already extant.  I’m re-learning some important things: (1) stuff does come along that needs to be addressed with pretty much all the energy, time and spirit you’ve got, and (2) the people you allow into your intimate life are far, far more important than career, exhibitions and even the studio. Those important people also absolutely include the friends who have offered a wide, wonderful range of support I am quite grateful for.


A gorgeous anomaly: a mutant lupin.  The non-mutants are also beautiful: the garden continues to be a peaceful sanctuary, even when I am behind on what needs doing.


So the blog?  It may be sparse and even more sporadic (or just photo-based) for the next wee while, but I’ll try to keep it going without being too cryptic.


This is not a camera angle trick. Chance is now bigger than Lupe, but he’s still very much a pup.


Out in the world, a sort-of fourth show: Emily Martin’s Pantone Postcard Project opens tonight at r.s.v.p. gallery in Iowa City, and remains on view for the month of June.  I’m not entirely sure what the plastic is about (maybe so you can flip the cards over to see the verso?) but it makes a nice installation, yes?