Today’s photos are courtesy of the Center for Visual Arts, Metropolitan State University Denver. I purely love this installation of Re:Morse; it’s the first time a venue has chosen a vertical strategy, though I always suggest it.  And also, the dramatic lighting.

In our ongoing at-home situation we are trying – and mostly succeeding – to keep stress at bay. But, every once in a while there is a bit of blind-siding. We’ll be told one thing, and assured that it is gospel. We’ll make decisions based on that assurance, only to have it completely change a little further down the road, when it would be incredibly difficult to make alterations to the decisions we’ve made. It’s…frustrating, and can get to me. I need to remind myself that I survived a few years of remarkably similar disruption and sabotage at a job, and that what is happening now is at least not deliberate, and the people involved are not malicious in intent. I’ll have to make that a mantra, I think.


This is the first time LISTEN has been installed by someone else; interesting to see…

In any case, that lovely balance I enjoyed is gone now. Still, things move forward slowly. They have to. Less than two weeks remains at home before the teaching trip, with, of course, tons to get done.


The backing on Force and Duration cracked during shipping (eek) but fortunately not enough to prevent its being installed.

Last week, as you can see in the new header, I took some time to install one of the ear-fungi at home; over the last two days, I watched as it survived some copious rains and pretty good wind.  It’s giving me useful info already. More pictures here.

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