In & Out

We’re quite busy with our non-blog activities here at home, but a few good things have been happening Out There:


Earlier this week, I went to visit and assist the lovely Sandra C. Fernandez as she installed her ofrenda in memory of Sam Z. Coronado at the National Museum of Mexican Art.  The Dia De Los Muertos exhibition there has long been one of my favorite annual events in Chicago, so it was great to be behind the scenes, working and watching all the altars being made. Unfortunately, I did need to miss the opening reception last night, but will definitely (definitely!) see the show. Congrats, Sandra!


Radha Pandey wrote a sweet blog about her work in my class at the Morgan Conservatory last August (thanks!). I’m looking forward to seeing her completed thesis work!

This also appeared on a site from the Ukraine called Real Thing. My translation app did not provide anything that made sense, but friend Smith kindly sent this: “Today read that about 90% of our cells are similar to the cells of fungi and bacteria. Because of the Melissa Jay Craig can be interpreted in different ways: mushrooms-books, each of which can tell your story, eared trees able to listen, trees growing out of the books and hands – of trees. Got something to admire and something to think about. (smiley face)” Большое спасибо!

The Morgan’s Revive and Renew exhibition closes today, sadly, but Ann Starr has celebrated it beautifully in this thoughtful review of some of the works (more and many thanks!).

Tomorrow, Pulp Culture opens at the Morris Museum in New Jersey. And I am hoping for a milkweed harvest this week, and am thawing out a gift I popped into the freezer awhile ago,  a bag of cooked water hyacinth roots.


Sandra’s ofrenda, completed. A beautiful tribute.

4 thoughts on “In & Out

  1. Did me no good but I took 1 year of Russian while a Midshipman at the Naval Acedemy . . . hardest class I ever took. I just hit the TRANSLATE button and got this.

    • Your translate button was much better than mine; thanks. Any abilities I had for learning languages – at least spoken languages – went away as the deafness increased.

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