Free: from work to work


There was just enough room in the pot to sneak out and snag the seven milkweed plants that survived the summer’s aggressive alley weeding…which one person does with poison spray (ugh).

I almost don’t want to jinx it by saying it, but as of yesterday, I’ve entered a solid four weeks with only one relatively uncomplicated deadline, with every afternoon and some evenings absolutely open to do what I want, to completely self-define what the work of each day will be. (Barring the occasional glitch; Wednesday’s will take me to the genius bar. In a mall. It shall go quickly).


Realizing this feels rather fantastic, a deep intake of breath.


This stretch of time was deliberately set aside to address our situation; but as things have evolved, it and admin and Chance’s training take up the mornings only.  As I schedule 2015 (which so far contains a comfortable three classes and four shows), I’m going to try to duplicate this lovely free stretch…maybe twice, but definitely for a month in the fall, when harvest and fiber prep is a good bit of the work I want to do. And next year, I’ll maybe have the mornings too. It feels so good…


Finished stripping the second type.


This year, I have enough of each to separate the two types of Ragdale Meadow milkweed to see if there is any difference in the paper. One type is shorter, and often has a reddish cast to the stems. The other is quite tall and has already developed a lot of black spots. I don’t know what they are because I don’t see the plants when they are flowering, which is what most guides use for identification, but I hope for some clarification soon, during an afternoon harvest at a generous person’s garden. She knows these things.