Better Living Through Chemistry ?


Mid-June. Almost a month of no blahgs. Sorry. it’s been an odd, personally disruptive time and I guess I’ve been hoping for a conclusion to the tale before writing. But that’s not happening yet. It’s yet more medical stuff. Early in May, I was given a month to try to change a (potentially life-threatening) condition before agreeing to subject myself to Big Pharm. Though I tried earnestly, I wasn’t able to alter my circumstances enough to escape.aaa2June

Though there are hundreds of political and intellectual reasons to oppose Big Pharm, many of which I subscribe to, the bottom line for me is that Big Pharm = Big Fear. For no reason anyone’s ever been able to discover, I’ve got a metabolism that almost never responds ‘correctly’ to even very common meds. From a first-grade vaccination that made my arm swell to the size of a small watermelon to total loss of muscle control to anaphylaxis to rashes and hives to five consecutive days of no sleep to full-blown 3D hallucinations, I’ve learned to avoid medical chemicals like little pill-shaped plagues. But, this time it isn’t possible, so with great (and unfortunately justified) trepidation, awhile ago I embarked on a search for A Pill I Can Tolerate. There’s only one way to do that, which is to try ingesting them.


At the moment, I’m in the middle of a brief hiatus from a round of vertigo, hugely accelerated tinnitus, bright flashes of light in my peripheral vision and rampant insomnia, trying not to think about what may await me with the next chemical cocktail, and REALLY trying not to think about what this all implies for my (swiftly) upcoming teaching and show schedule. The garden is not yet finished, Chance is also now taking drugs (which seem to be working for him), and I have absolutely no idea when the next blog will be. And that’s that.


Out in the world: the ZIA show closed, the Peters Valley faculty / staff show opened, I took on a 12th (!) 2015 show by invitation, my WSW class is full, the Pantone Postcard Project opens in the UK tomorrow and happily, the WSW ear-fungi survived the winter; the marvelous Chris sent these photos way back when she began planting.