Good, and recently quiet.

I’m hoping your holidays were grand, and continue to be so this Friday. I’m popping in to wish you peace, health, warmth and above all, joy on into 2016.


Joy for us at the moment often has to do with Vivi, of course. She’s still happily surprising us. She is a natural out on leash; I think it’s going to be easy to train her. On the 20th, we tried our first pack walk which went wonderfully well in and of itself. There was an exciting bonus for Vivi: she also (simultaneously) met two puppy-wise big dogs: a calm husky-collie-shepherd mix and a giant gentle Great Dane, plus their human, dog-loving owners and their two pre-teen daughters. She loved up all the humans, played with the dogs, ran with the kids, who took her leash and about 3,000 phone snaps in turn. (I forgot my camera and phone.)


Growing, coat changing.

The next day, our family celebration took place in a suburb about 50 miles west of here. We were lucky in that everyone was able to fly, drive and converge on the same day; it’s the first time we’ve all been together in awhile, and it was very fine, warm and much fun. Lupe stayed home (her preference, as revealed by previous visits.) Vivi, however, was in heaven, literally bouncing off seven superbly dog-savvy humans and two large young adult lab mixes for the entire day, with only a very brief nap in her little portable pen while we humans ate. She was a total party girl, so wound up. She showed me how jazzed she was by tearing around me in wide, full-speed, deliriously happy circles each time I took her out into the big fenced backyard. That evening, before we were out of the driveway, she was just as wholeheartedly asleep in my lap, and stayed that way all the way home and the rest of the evening, only waking to perform her outdoor duties. She was even a bit subdued the next day, the solstice. (I did take my camera to the gathering, but was too busy to use it.)


In the no-snow winter city, especially at night, she is camouflaged.

We had a quiet lovely solstice, Wednesday I did all the mad holiday dinner shopping, and then we settled into our quiet home pack celebration: pie (a galette) was made Thursday, a fine, easy-cooking delicious dinner happened on Christmas day, and we had some special dog treats, pack walks, pup play, and even bits of sun. Boxing day was dreary and rainy outdoors, but cozy and fun and relaxing inside, eating leftovers, watching Vivi hilariously attempt to herd multiple tennis balls. It’s her favorite indoor game. I hope your days were just as lovely.


We are outside 8-10 times a day. She goes up nicely but cannot yet be coaxed to try to descend on her own, so she gets carried down. I’m so glad the steps are now sturdy ones, if ugly.

The minimal work we’ve done mostly involved keeping the kitchen running well, and I chose to almost finish the upstairs unpacking and studio rearranging, in short comfortable increments at my leisure. There are surfaces visible again, and soon some of the new artwork will be out to look at, think about and in some cases, tweak. I took one final holiday day today. Tomorrow, back to work for the short interregnum week, preparing for an interesting January, and the new ground of the year beyond.


Someone in the neighborhood has a light-up holiday peacock. I like this.

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