Finally forward, into February


I’m glad to see the end of the second half of January. For me, a large part of it has passed in a literal haze due to more medical, um, stuff. The drug I finally was able to tolerate towards the end of 2015 did what it was supposed to do, but then brought about a problem as troubling as the one it prevented. So I’ve been back on the not-so-merry-go-round, testing new big pharm concoctions, experiencing a slew of old and new side effects. This makes me cranky (and dizzy and lethargic and adds a few scary things, too.) Primary care guy says, “there are hundreds of meds to treat this, we’ll find one!” Right. Each trial is time that I’ll never get back.


So it’s been difficult to make commitments. There are two lovely projects on hold, waiting for evidence that I’ll be able to handle them (I want to.) Somewhere in there, I turned down an exhibition and agreed to two; neither involve creating new things beyond the tweaking that hasn’t yet happened on my Ragdale work, unless I want to add new work and can. That is also sad (though the old works still continue to bounce around here and there; thanks.) The recent bloglessness is another side effect.


This one broke, the other is intact. Amazingly, there were no small bits of disconnected fiber.

Today, I am apparently, hopefully, acclimated enough to feel relatively normal. I even managed to finish carefully removing the invisible-when-wet milkweed fiber (that I had poured seven weeks ago on my last evening at Ragdale) from its fine mesh backing. It’s a delicate process I’d begun before all this started. I am still loving the gorgeous crude tangle of fibers.


Something tells me this year’s harvests will be interesting.

Vivi continues to be a wee bright spot. We’ve been to puppy school twice now; Paul’s been the driver (and takes over if I get wobbly.) She’s the youngest beastie in the class and she’s doing well. She still makes me laugh daily, and both she and Lupe are sweet and warm and snuggly when I’m woozy; so is Paul. The past weeks have mostly been no fun, but my lovely warm pack has my back.