• About BLAHG:
  • Rantings, Musings, Irreverences, Relevancies: Caveat Emptor.  Sincerely.  Blahg began on April 21, 2007, and was originally published on my web site.  Exactly one year later, I moved Blahg here to WordPress.
  • About Me:
  • Visual Artist: working in handmade paper sculpture, book and installation arts, and drawing.  Sometimes I am a curator /juror, and occasionally, I write things (other than the Blahg).
  • Day Job: Currently, I am an independent artist/ educator. I have been teaching Book Arts classes since 1991, and Papermaking (specifically, sculptural paper) since 2000, in both academic and community settings.  From 1994 – May 2009, I helped to build and run a facility that was dedicated to an open, innovative approach to the book and paper arts in Chicago; and taught in an interdisciplinary MFA in book and paper arts program there for thirteen years.
  • Severe hearing loss: I use two BTE hearing aids, and read lips very well.
  • My (new!) web site: www.melissajaycraig.com

One thought on “About

  1. just came here via velma-wake robin. and am enthralled with the beauty of your work. the pics on the website are gorgeous as a start. i love your sculptural works, the colors, the forms.

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