Oh Nine Oh Nine Oh Nine


So: my birthday today is 09/09/09.  (As Smith says: the full number of the inverted beast.  Other years, I am  only two-thirds the number of the inverted beast).  Plans: fellow nine-niner Jamie is coming up for lunch; Paul is coming for a prairie walk and dinner; evening in the studio (that, I must have).  Above is the beautiful view from the cupola that greeted me when I woke and climbed up there with my coffee.

First thing this morning, I got an offer for a free birthday tarot reading. Why not? Considering that this is also the beginning of the school year (and that I intentionally set up my residency schedule to be at Ragdale at this time, knowing that I would be definitely be missing my classes, though nothing else), the text that accompanied this card I drew is rather interesting:

“Sometimes catastrophe  is actually the end of an impossible situation; this may be one of those times. Consider the possibility that binding obligations to an old situation are now ended. You are now free to choose your own direction, to explore and grow beyond circumstances that used to hold you in. The very fact that this is happening indicates your readiness to make this transition. Beneath any loss is a reserve of strength that has been building for this kind of opportunity. Point yourself toward healing, release from bondage, and freedom. Focus on the positive: your visions and ideas that will help you rise.”

And, to follow up, the next card:

“The long term potential is that you have a real opportunity in some endeavor or relationship to achieve security and success that’s great enough to be passed on to future generations. You and yours stand to be well taken care of.

Ask yourself what you will do with the energy you no longer squander in fear, worry or stress? What new kind of power does it bring you to have a feeling of security? Share with others how you are doing it. Express your passion in an abundant way.”

It’s silliness, of course – but a fun way to start an auspicious day. And I must say: those last few questions are good ones, no matter their source. So: I’m sharing with you how I’m doing it.  Slainte mhor!