Travelog Photo Blog

A quick few shots o’ what I’ve been up to for the past few days…

A peak in the Big Horn mountains that helped explain their strange silhouettes.

It was gorgeous up there, and cold and windy.  Saw snow, lots o’ alpine wildflowers, moose, elk.

Looking down at rain in the Big Horn Basin, on the west side of the mountain range.

Looking down from the east, miles and miles later, at where I’m headed on the red road.

It rained all the way across Wyoming, but I went to Devil’s Tower anyways.  The rains cleared just as I got there, so I got to hike around it (and got this great shot above; the clouds are appropriate for the mysteriousness of this place).

In better light.

Red cliffs in Black Hills, redder after rain.

Pit stop

One of my favorite places on the planet, the Badlands of South Dakota. It was so good to see them again.  Especially because the two roads I wanted to take into the Dakota Black Hills were closed because of storms; rangers made me turn around.  So, I spent longer here and I was glad.

The part of the Badlands called, um, the Yellow Hills. With road & car for scale, tho the hills are on the small side here.  They go on for like 60-70 miles, into the Sioux res.

Rainbow and splattered windshield grasshoppers on the great plains.

Classroom made entirely of corn (a mural of The Teacher as an ‘Everyday Hero’ in appropriate medium, at the rather disappointing Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota).

My last Western sunset for awhile.